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16 February 2012


Of land, Labour and seed- The Hindu, 2017

Bangladeshi photographer Munem Wasif’s solo debut in India excavates the many layers of the earth to unearth what lies at the root. Read more…



Islam, Beyond the Stereotypes- Lens Blog – The New York Times, 2015 

Days after the show opened, Mr. Wasif was dining with photographer friends when he received an urgent call from the gallery owner: Stay off the streets, a series of violent attacks was going on in other parts of Paris. Read more…



Munem Wasif looks at religion- France 24, 2015

Photographer Munem Wasif joins us in the studio to talk about a new exhibition which aims to show the complexity of faith in his native Bangladesh. Read more…



Learning How to Look – Interview in Asian American Writers Workshop, 2014

Abeer Hoque interviews munem wasif whose work recently made its way to an exhibit in New York City. Read more…



Belonging in Photo Eye blog, 2014

Belonging reviewed by Christopher J. Johnson in photo eye blog. Read more…



Chaos and Harmony in Old Dhaka – Lens Blog – The New York Times, 2013

In an audio slide show, Mr. Wasif expands on his street photographs from the old city, as distinct from the new city. Read more…



‘The notion of educating others is quite boring’ – Interview in Emaho Magazine, 2013

In this in-depth interview with EMAHO by Manik Katyal, Wasif tells us how his grounded roots in Bangladesh.



As deep you can go- Interview in PhotoRAW magazine, 2012

Munem Wasif finds his important images close to home, Interview by Laura Vuoma/ PhotoRAW magazine. Read more…



Interview in France Culture, 2012

Interview taken by Amaury Chardeau in French culture radio. To listen the interview please click here- French culture.



Talk in Delhi photo festival, India, 2011

Munem Wasif is has given an artist talk in Delhi Photo festival in Oct 2011.  Please have a look at the video here.



Bangladesh Standing on the Edge Preface by Christian Caujolle

A world where speed is queen and profit king inconsiderately leaving on the wayside the rejected that it spawns. It is salutary that an eye such as Wasif’s reminds us that these things exist, that there are men, women, children, “little people” like us who have to withstand much more than we do. Read the full article in Shahidul News.



Audio Interview of Munem Wasif in Lens Culture

Salt water tears, photographs by Munem Wasif plus an exclusive audio interview about this project, plus another short interview about his evolving style as a photographer.



Thinking locally by Oliver Laurent in British Journal of Photography

Two years ago, he was largely unknown, but after winning a F25 grant, the City of Perpignan’s Young Reporter’s Award and a Prix Pictet commission, Munem Wasif has now become one of the most-promising young photographers around. This year, and for the second time in three years, his work is on show at Visa Pour l’Image, the world’s largest photojournalism festival. Read the full article here.



Prix Pictet exhibition In Mall gallery, London. An interview in BBC world service

Listen to Munem Wasif interview with Mark Coles on The Strand, BBC World Service.



Salt Water Tears in Musée de l’Elysée, Switzerland, 2010

In the occasion of Les Lauréats du Prix Pictet in Musée de l’Elysée, Lausanne, Munem Wasif talks about his experience of photographing the story Salt water tears. Please have a look at the video here-



Photography caught amid sea and swamp by Angel Gurria-Quintana in Financial Times 

One photograph looks like the monochrome record of an Andy Goldsworthy installation – an old wooden boat sitting on a neatly geometric platform of cracked mud. In fact, this is a patch of land that used to be productive, and has been desiccated by salt-water flooding. Read the full article in Financial Times.



Munem Wasif delves deep into death of the golden fibre by Karim Waheed

The venue certainly was interesting. The narrow lanes of Shakharibazar in Old Dhaka possess something of a hypnotic allure. But this is not about Shakharibazar; focus was on the opening of Munem Wasif’s photo exhibition at Kolpona Boarding on February 3. The exhibition is a part of ‘Chobi Mela V’ (International Festival of Photography, Bangladesh 2009). Read the full article here-



Munem Wasif wins ‘City of Perpignan Young Reporter’s Award in 2008

Munem Wasif exhibited his work Bangladesh, Standing on the edge in Visa pour l’Image Perpignan 2008. Canon CPN made a video on that occasion, please have a look at the video here-



Tainted Tea by Munem Wasif in Zone zero

Estate — maybe just a word, and yet words have their own tales. Picturesque plush green fields, healthy livestock grazing, and that grand mansion, are all etched in popular history. Yet, there are tales of lives which have remained shaded, in fact shadowed, under clouds that caress either the fertile fields, or for that matter the flowing hills of Tea Estates of Assam in India, or…See the full story in



Munem Wasif: a daily life of Photographer in

In this film, photographer Munem Wasif discusses his award winning photography and his inspiration and motivation behind his work, as well as his childhood growing up in Bangladesh. See the full video here-



Interview in Enter Magazine by World Press Photo

‘I don’t do many assignments. I work only in Black and White. I usually work on personal stories. It takes a long time. I don’t like to hunt for news.’ Read the interview in Enter Magazine.



PDN lauds Bangladeshi photographer Munem Wasif

‘I am a documentary photographer. I think my work starts when news photographers finish theirs,’ says Wasif. ‘And I think I’m interested in those stories which don’t come in the daily headline of the news.’ More details…