Bengal Divided
30 January 2018

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Bengal Divided


Bengal Divided is an ongoing research and exhibition project co-curated by artists Sarker Protick and Munem Wasif. The project was first presented at the 2017 Chobi Mela International Festival of Photography, later presented at the Esplanade Tunnel in Singapore.


Contemporary Bangladesh, India and Pakistan were formed after decades of conflict, partition and socio-political movements that took place across the region from 1905–12 and 1947–71. The Bengal region has a recorded history of four millennia and a rich cultural and social history. Even as they are divided by national borders, the countries have much in common because of their shared pasts and inextricably connected futures.


Taking the struggles for independence as the starting point, this exhibition features the works of seminal and emerging photographers and filmmakers from Bangladesh and West Bengal in India. Their works are part of the visual developments of wider Bengal, conveying the turbulence and pain in its history, and touching on the complexity of social issues and diverse range of lived experiences within this region.